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Nuview Elementary School

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ASB Year Long Fundraiser

Hello parents! 
Our school is starting a year-round fundraiser and we would love your support! Your child will receive an envelope today with information on what this fundraiser entails. So what is this fundraiser about you may ask? You are to create an account with and use that website whenever you want to do online shopping. Perfect for your holiday shopping! has a bunch of portals for you to use such as Walmart, Kohl's, Disney, Best Buy, and many more! Whenever you shop online through, our school gets a portion of the profit. 
For our school to benefit, please create an account and use that account to do your online shopping. The envelope that your child has contains information on how to set up your account. There is a QR code on the front of the envelope that has the instructions in Spanish. Once you set up your account, please fill out the front of the envelope and have your child turn it into their teacher BEFORE Wednesday, November 2nd so they may win a prize on Friday! 
If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Lee Souza at [email protected]
Thank you for all of your support.